Sleek SUVs like the Ford Edge are becoming more and more popular due to their modern and sporty design language. Ford even has made a sporty ST version of the Edge for those of you that want to have a sports SUV for rolling around Hardeeville, SC.

The Edge ST is the latest in a long line of sports SUVs to hit the market. Ford worked hard for the Edge ST to stand out and for it to punch above its weight class. They have given it sleek black accents throughout the vehicle. It also has aggressive features like the dual exhausts out the back.

Overall, the Ford Edge ST completes its mission in being a stand out example of a sports SUV. If you are in the market for an economical but fast midsize SUV it's hard to do better than the Ford Edge. To check out all of the features the Ford Edge can be equipped with, you can stop by O. C. Welch Ford Lincoln Inc.

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