Everyone who drives in Hardeeville, SC or anywhere else knows how important safety is. You've probably seen what could happen during an accident, and you surely don't want to be a part of that. Ford knows this and has added tech to its popular full-size Taurus sedan to make you safer.

Tech to Make You Safer

When it comes to safety, Ford is one of the leaders. O. C. Welch Ford Lincoln Inc. has seen the automaker work hard every year to make improvements, like the following:

Stay in Lane

The Taurus has the lane-keeping technology that actively detects if you are leaving your lane. It will cause a noticeable rumble in your steering wheel until you correct this mistake and stay in your lane.

Blind Spot

The blind spot system installed in your vehicle uses cameras and sensors to detect vehicles present in your blind spot. You get an indicator light on the side mirror so that you are aware of this before making the switch.

Safety is definitely something you'll find in the Ford Taurus, but there is more to find out, so come down and take your test drive.

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