Added Space In The Ford Escape

When you need more space in the back of your Ford Escape, you can fold the seats down in a variety of configurations. This is just one of the convenience options that the vehicle offers. With a flat back, the seats fold a bit easier instead of having contours that can sometimes make it difficult to position the cargo you need to haul in Hardeeville, SC.

There is an option for folding down only one of the rear seats so that a passenger has room to ride. Even if you leave both of the seats up, you'll have plenty of space for luggage, groceries, and smaller items. O. C. Welch Ford Lincoln Inc. can show you how to use the roof racks for additional space if it's needed.

Another feature that you'll enjoy if you want to keep everything in your hands while loading cargo in the back of the vehicle is the hands-free liftgate. Simply pass your foot by the sensor located underneath the bumper for the door to open.

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