Get Your Ford Vehicle Ready for Summer at Our Hardeeville Service Center

Things are really starting to warm up here in the Hardeeville, South Carolina region. Now that schools are dismissing for the summer and families start heading to the beach, it’s fairly safe to assume that if you are anything like the O. C. Welch Ford Inc. team, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your Ford vehicle soon! Learn how you can beat the heat and keep your Ford in top condition this summer and beyond when you visit our Ford Service Center in Hardeeville. While there are many factors that make or break a road trip, having an unreliable vehicle should not be one of them. Have these areas (and more!) checked at our dealership today:

  1. Have your air conditioner checked for optimal performance this summer. This almost goes without saying, but one way that you can stay comfortable in the extreme seasonal heat is by having access to a reliable air conditioner in your Ford vehicle. You can also pick up car blinds and park in the shade to help enhance your comfort.
  2. Replace the windshield wipers on your Ford model. After the harsh spring showers, you’ll be ready for new windshield wipers for improved visibility in summer and beyond.
  3. Inspect your tires for wear and tear. Your tires were built to withstand a lot, but with the rapidly changing temperatures, you still need to monitor your tire pressure, tread, and overall wear to address problems before they arise. Not only does having properly inflated tires improve performance and safety, but it also adds additional efficiency to your commute.
  4. Have your battery checked for corrosion. As much as we’d like them to, car batteries do not last forever. Your battery needs to be inspected for corrosion and replaced at least every five years to protect the integrity of your Ford vehicle.
  5. Consider having your car’s brakes replaced. For many people, summer means road trips and family outings! Keep your passengers safe by replacing your brakes at regular intervals.

Now that we’ve addressed a few tricky areas of car maintenance, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I find a Ford Service Center near me?” Our answer: Bring it here to O. C. Welch Ford Inc.! Our skilled Ford technicians are eager to work on your vehicle so that you and your family can experience miles of stress-free transportation this summer and beyond. Schedule your appointment at our Hardeeville Service Center soon!

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